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Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev

Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev


M.Com, B.Ed, M.B.A, Ph.D., D.Litt



"Who will hold my hand and take me forward?" An unanswered question which is distinctly visible in the eyes of a child when he/she steps out of the cozy lap of his/her mother, secure environment of home. Then, school becomes a second home and the educators with care and affection shoulder the responsibility of training the character of the child. The mysteries of the world are unravelled and new vistas explored.


Shaping young minds is one of the most challenging as well as interesting tasks in the present times. Just a glimpse of the bright, sparkling eyes is enough to bring a smile to our faces. We wonder how we can help these young flowers bloom in this world, without ever robbing them of their smiles, and we constantly seek newer ways to ensure it.

Each child's future follows a different path and momentum. To succeed in the 21st century, we need to provide them with a sound educational platform that prepares them to be creative, compassionate and innovative adults. We as responsible educators take upon ourselves to create a stimulating environment where young minds are nurtured to blossom into intelligent, mature and enriched youth. Knowledge being the most democratic source of power, we must impart quality education to our young scholars who are key agents in the process of development and peace. We at GIS Kuwait are committed towards preparing skilled, knowledgeable, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the society and nation.

We aspire to cultivate a life-long passion for learning so that our young minds step into a world which would be shaped by their dreams and contributions and bettered by their zeal and integrity. With a proactive parent community, we endeavour to achieve a shared goal of helping our students achieve their academic potential in a school environment that is respectful, motivating, and challenging. 


We are a school with a difference! We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. We firmly believe that Education is a partnership between the parents and the institution with a common goal and vision – to impart the best to our children in the most favourable and welcoming ambience.  It is not just about enrolling the child in the best school or system, but an inherent involvement at every stage of their development in school. 


In this era of cut-throat competition, it is of paramount importance to impart an integrated education to the future citizens of the nation for successfully facing multitasking. Every step we take at GIS Kuwait, we ensure that our students have grabbed the opportunities to develop their talents and abilities. Our system and programs set the standard for both their quality and breadth. 

The school will be continually evolving to meet the growing needs of students by creating new programs for participation and involvement. GIS Kuwait brings theory to practice through rigorous curricula led by teacher-experts in their fields, providing opportunities for students to excel academically, creatively and professionally and we as a school have so much to celebrate in this area. Beyond all our academic efforts and accomplishments, it is the dignity and discipline that supersedes all other aspects, a value which is inherent in humanity and is expressed most clearly in the choices we make. My conversations with students, parents and teachers over the years have challenged me to look more closely at our raison d’être (reason for existence).

The moment a child enters school, the role of the Parents is taken on by the educators. Our commitment is to maximize the all-round personal growth of each child. Our students are our letters of recommendation and testimonials. The school is doing its best to ensure a healthy, safe and conducive environment that helps not only to provide quality education, but also to instil in the students, values that will prepare them for life. All this would not have been possible without the active support of the Management, Staff and the Parents of our school, for which I am grateful.

We hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where work, sports and co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them on to become the brightest and the best. It is only when educators, students, parents and other members of the community work in partnership that a child can grow into an adult who displays sensitivity, integrity, good citizenship and respect for human diversity. I have realized that with little hard work, sound attention from parents and appropriate guidance from educators make the process of learning easier, acceptable, stress-free and enjoyable.

In this venture, we are as responsible towards our students as the parents are towards their wards. Our joint effort will bear fruit. Let us together put our best foot forward! Come, join us in our quest to develop learners who will contribute in significant ways to a challenging future. I invite all our students and parents for an eventful odyssey of knowledge and learning and look forward to your valuable contribution in making a difference to our society and our nation.



Dr. Prashant Vasudev


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