Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev


M.Com, B.Ed, M.B.A, Ph.D., D.Litt


Hello everyone,

Assuming my role as the Principal of this prestigious institution, rich in history and pride with a long-standing tradition of ‘pursuit for excellence’, my aim is to build a citadel of learning. I nurture the vision of a burgeoning campus, full of bustling activity with my students standing tall on every platform as competent, compassionate and creative thinkers. I envisage an institution which appreciates the differences in cultures while focusing on the humane aspects.

In this rapidly changing world, my objective remains to inculcate the qualities of dedication, sincerity and integrity, enabling individuals to remain life-long learners, ready to face the challenges of the world. I am committed to creating a safe and enriching environment for all learners where the alchemy of intellectual brilliance and the essence of life unfolds through innovative practices. Our aim is to create curious, enquiring minds who eagerly explore ideas and concepts and can communicate them confidently and effectively. Our integration of values and morals into the everyday curriculum validates the emphasis we lay on creating principled global citizens. Excellence in everything is what we strive for. Value in the positive psychological framework as a rubric is imperative for the success of our children in every sphere. We support and encourage our learners in their quest to develop a respectful and fulfilling relationship with their peers, staff and members of the community. Recognizing and rewarding accomplishment at all levels is our highest priority. We inspire learning for its own sake by sharing our joy, instilling a lifelong dedication to learning. Our school is a fulcrum of holistic, integrative and experiential learning experience where the student is positioned at the core of all collaboratively designed action. It is a relentless endeavor to bring to the platter a smorgasbord of scholastic and co-scholastic activities that pirouette around the school’s motto ‘Satya, Seva, Jyothi, Santhi’ and to ensure that our students receive the finest well-rounded education possible.

Our educators strive towards building the capacity in our students to operationalize future-focused learning skills. These skills enhance problem solving, evaluation, team spirit, communication, creativity and innovation. In order to maximize our gross collective well-being, we rely on a balance of pursuing academic mastery, collaborating with others to achieve worthwhile goals and gently urging students out of their comfort zone to attempt new challenges. Our aim is to create ‘future fit’ minds that are disciplined, synthesizing, respectful and ethical. We encourage children to have goal lines and provide them guidelines and support. Our children are exhorted to drive themselves towards their personal best, within the framework of ethical boundaries.

As students grow more autonomous, their pursuit of excellence involves self-organization, self-regulation and the ongoing adaptation of a complex system comprising of the learners and their chosen courses, their teachers, their peers and the environment. The process of development thus becomes more interactive. I also acknowledge the ardent involvement of community and parents to collectively encourage students’ learning, to augment learning outcomes and equip them with the proficiencies to surpass in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Let us come together in planning with the right aptitude and develop a positive attitude, then, surely we will be a cut above the multitudes!