Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev


M.Com, B.Ed, M.B.A, Ph.D., D.Litt


True leadership is not about superiority, position or prestige. It is about revealing and releasing the potential of those around us. My aim as the catalyst at Gulf Indian School Kuwait will be to influence and inspire others by innovation and action, motivated by purpose, driven by passion and guided by a strong vision that was set thirty years ago. It is good to have an end to a fulfilling journey, but it is the journey that matters, in the end! The strong foundation that was laid three decades ago and the relentless pursuit to raise the bar with each passing year is a vivid reflection of the mettle that goes into the making of this magnanimous institution. We envision to produce global citizens through shared collaboration and commitment. Our dedicated and passionate academic team builds bridges that develop authentic, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with students and parents. Educators at GIS are not mere dispensers of knowledge but mediators and facilitators who impart true education, directing students towards new consciousness for the future.

I believe in healthy competition, robust collaboration, consistency, credibility and integrity. I remain passionate about creating unique traditions and empowering student and staff voice. Therefore, with new projects and initiatives, students will have access to more resources and opportunities than ever before. We are now on the cusp of a new era of learning where students can explore their passion and develop their skills achieving 360 degree growth and development with the right support and guidance. Our students are furnished with a competitive edge which will enable them carve a niche for themselves in today’s fast paced world. All our activities and endeavors are designed to give our students the best platforms for both intellectual and emotional growth. By exploring and creating an environment filled with modern trends and a strong value system, we forever maintain a fair blend of tradition and modernity and affect change from the roots, by nurturing and influencing the future generations and keep them well informed and prepare them to face the challenges of life. We are aware of the need to prepare our students with skills to flourish in an ever- changing, unseen future. We also provide our students with a rear-view mirror, so that they can learn from past experiences, retain traditional sterling values, understand the cyclic continuity of life as also the dynamic change of each era. Crucially, students experientially understand that each being on our planet is interconnected: that tolerance and collaboration is the need of the day.

On behalf of the School Management and staff, I extend a hearty welcome to all our stakeholders to the new academic session 2023-24. Let’s always keep our children the primary focus of our work and empower them to achieve their highest potential in their journey of educational excellence. I also look forward to celebrating our collective success through productive partnership and constructive camaraderie.

Dr. Prashant Vasudev