GIS Alumni Testimonial


Sanjay Samuel Mathew


(Pursuing BDS)

GIS, forever victorious , may your flag fly higher in the years to come. Congratulations to my Alma mater on its historic achievement of completing the big 30!


Manaal Adam Babu


(Engineer )

GIS moulded me into the perfect shape, that fit no cast ever made. Taught me to dance between raindrops, poise melded into grace. Now as I ponder of my days yonder, I am grateful for the epiphany I face. Thank you GIS, I’ll always remember you for showing me the ways.


Neeraj Rajan


(Senior Tech Architect, Citrix, Bangalore)

My school life has been a journey of growth, discovery, and lasting memories. Being a well-known institution applauded for its education methods and devoted teaching staff, I look at my school with a great sense of pride and love. Cheers to the teachers who inspired, the friends who supported, and the experiences that will forever be cherished.


Nipun Rajan


(Principal consultant, Genpact, Bangalore)

I want to extend my gratitude and congratulations to the Principal, dedicated teachers, staff and Administration who work tirelessly to provide quality education and nurturing environment to the students.



Nithu Ann George


(Pediatrician-Jaber Hospital, Kuwait)

A big 'thank you' to the founders of GIS for making me what I am today.  I owe my success to the fabulous teachers of GIS for guiding the students in the best possible way.  I am indeed a proud GISian!



Adhipa Sreekumar



School days are more than a chapter in our lives; they are the foundation upon which we build our future. The memories, friendships and lessons from those formative years at GIS will remain embedded with me forever!


Reanne Pinto


(Auditor, Grant Thornton, Kuwait)

It was at GIS that we became enlightened by the best teachers, forged lifelong freindships and learned invaluable life lessons.  I have carried the spirit of GIS with me, striving for excellence and making a difference wherever I go!



Dileep Gopinathan


(Senior Engineer, Fleet & Harbor Assets of KOC)

GIS creates torchbearers of change, leaders of tomorrow and successful global citizens.  Gratitude to the management of GIS who have paved the way for innovation, growth and holistic development of students over the years!



Nirmala George


(Cost & Estimate Engineer, KOC)

Indebted to GIS for giving me the best start in my academic endeavors and for my life beyond school.  GIS developed my skills, nurtured my talents and gave wings to my dreams!



Priyada Murali


(IT Budget & Control Specialist-Kuwait International Bank)

GIS teachers do not leave any stone unturned in encouraging and guiding students to realize their ambitions.  GIs-my alma mater, holds many cherished memories for me!